Monster Mash-Up

Halloween is just around the corner. As the witching hour draws near, which creatures of the night will you and your little goblins be? Say, is that a full moon in the sky I see? Hooowwwwlll!

Pick a ghoul that inspires you, a spirit that gives you a jolt and gets you rocking!

Be a creature of the night with a Transylvania twist! Dance the dance of Halloween - try the Monster Mash-Up! Kids will howl with delight at the chance to be a graveyard smash! They'll get a jolt out of these Monsters; they are electrifying with all their fancy moves! They'll be mystified at the witch and all magical fun she'll conjure up! More coming soon, so choose a link to share, bookmark or save. Until Halloween, it's a wrap. Muahahaha!

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More coming soon, so choose a link to share, bookmark, or save.

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